The high class private cemetery in Malaysia, Heaven Park aims to “bless the descendants, continue the family precepts”, within its naturally blessed land , while becoming an ancestral memorial hall possessing traditional cultures, moral value and family history.
We are ready, with our empathetic spirit, to offer the well-doing and far-visioned general public,a series of well -planned professional services, including but not limited to graveyard graphic design, composition of family history and precepts, fengshui consultation and arrangement for memorial ceremony. Heaven Park, through the concept of cherishing the ascendant and prioritizing the descendant, emphasises the importance of advance planning for a perfect life, and encouraging modernization while embracing the traditional virtues, and promoting a Chinese cemetery enriched with for meaningful remembrance and aesthetical value. We manage freehold tombstones for our valued customers with professionalism and positive attitudes. In addition, there are facilities such as private family memorial hall and car parks.A pool of professionals, composing of the best graveyard designers from China, carving masters, fengshui masters, cultural celebrities, are gathered to ensure this piece of blessed cemetery situated at Sungai Lembu will garnish good fortune for the descendants in heritage of the brilliant history.